“I have listened to your new CD and I LOVE it!!  I am not disappointed at all.  Hope you can come to Lynden again – ASAP!!  …God’s blessing to you.”

– Mary and Bob E. 

“Thank you for your new CD.  It is truly amazing and you all sound wonderful.  I’ve been searching for some sort of encouragement lately, and to be honest every single song on here has blessed me and encourage me in some way.  I thank God for all three of you (and Martin too J) and the ministry you are doing…”

– Samantha I.

“My soul is soaring, my ears are tuned to harmonious perfection, and my eyes are leaking.  Thank you for the beautiful music CD…”

– Sharon J. 

“We so enjoyed being a part of the special evening and hearing your ministry as well. Blessings”

– Karen

“Fantastic performance at our 55+ Senior Retreat. As usual, you were unbelievable and exciting and top notch! Thank you, thank you, thank you and God’s blessings on you.”

– Senior Retreat at Warm Beach Camp

“Evergreen 3 outdid themselves last weekend in Ocean Shores as usual and what a blessing.  Looking forward to the next concert.  Good luck on your trip to Italy!”

-Rhonda A.


“What a delight to work with you this past weekend.  You guys were Awesome!  I loved your anointed singing and excellence in your musical presentation.  Blessings as you serve HIM and continue your ministry.  I trust your Italian trip next month will be fruitful.”

-Lorne C.

“I wanted to take time to tell you how special the last weekend was at Faith Fest in Ocean Shores.  Your music and stories shared showed God’s love for His children.  The music was heart-warming and I know the Spirit was present.  Thank you for sharing your talent and using it for the Lord.  The weekend was wonderful.  Praying for safety and blessings as you travel to Italy.”

-Bev J.

“I wanted to send a note… to say thank you for the outstanding concert you guys put on.  God was lifted on high and that’s what it is all about!  Thank you Brian also for the opening remarks about laying denominations aside…there are no pre-requisites.  God looks at a man’s heart and not the church he attends.  Keep preaching that message!  May God continue to bless your ministry.”

-Camp Director John Q.

“May God uses your powerful voices for His glory. Monday night service in Matinella was so awesome for the presence of Holy Ghost. Your voices are reason to praise Him! It was a joy to be together again with Terry Peretti and Marsha Welk Peretti…Thanks Lord and thank you.”  

-Angela G.

“What a blessed night in Roma – Montesacro! God spoke to us through the songs and through His Word!”

-Gioia R.